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Com Connect’s Partnership With International Charity SIMaid Takes Our Technology Global

Posted by on Jun 21, 2011 - 03:42 PM

Com Connect has just completed the very successful launch of

Com Connect has partnered with aid agency SIMaid, the aid and development arm of SIM Australia, to take our charity web-platform and turn it into something special. We have donated the base platform as part of our partnership with SIMaid. Our goal was to create something that truly delivers SIMaidʼs promise of "aid that gets there".

Com Connect has been building unique technologies for businesses for years, while always enjoyable and challenging, something was missing. That is why we originally developed the "Charity 2.0 Platform" – it is about connecting charities with people. Ever wondered exactly where your money has gone? Well, now someone can tell you.

The 1st version of the platform lays the foundation for a set of cloud connected technologies which will allow field project managers to connect to SIMaid HQ, from anywhere in the world, in real-time and upload field data and reports. The system will also allow SIMaid to communicate and coordinate projects more effectively across all of their global projects.

Being able to deliver the platform via 3G tablets in places like Burkina Faso, Sudan and Bangladesh will give SIMaid a huge boost in operational efficiency. Not only does this platform help people that donate see their generosity at work, but it allows project managers to use that money more efficiently.

Collaboration and instant communication will allow project managers to effectively manage and update project content themselves. This will eliminate current double entry and time delays in processing. This platform goes even further, bringing social features into the mix.

When SIMaid realised the potential of social media for raising awareness and building their identity, they could see how this platform would give them the edge.

Com Connect was also given the task of creating SIMaidʼs new identity. With a design department in-house, we were able to create an identity that sets SIMaid apart. SIMaid were seeking to raise their profile and were facing the challenges of being a successful aid agency that people just hadn't heard of.

We were able to deliver an outstanding and differentiating identity branding that SIMaid is proud to show the world.

Com Connect is excited to be providing technology that is actually making a difference. When peoples lives are genuinely enriched by a technology platform, that is something unique and we are grateful to be involved.