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RESIN – Are your children addicted to Facebook?

Posted by on Aug 10, 2010 - 08:57 PM

A lot of teenagers and employees are pretty upset with us right now.

We took away their Social Networking, Internet Video and “Adult” material…

How? We design and sell a gateway security product called RESIN.

Once this is setup on the network, who ever controls it, be that Mum/Dad or the Boss, is firmly back in control.

After 12 Months of R&D, Design and a long trial, we have formally released the RESIN product.

This device protects against Viruses, Spyware, SPAM, Phishing, Hackers and more…

But, what has been the absolute most requested and applauded feature?

Blocking Social Networking (Like Facebook), Internet Video sites (Like YouTube) and stopping “adult” material being viewed.

Lets look at the problem in the Home/School environment

After a long period of monitoring and evaluating, we found that some teenagers were literally “addicted” to Facebook, MSN, MySpace and YouTube.

We didn’t really want to come down all “Big Brother” on them, monitoring and restricting their Internet access, but if you saw the statistics we did – You would have.

Parents have to make a million decisions that affect their children everyday, some their children don’t even notice and some, like this, they will.

Younger Children

For younger children, filtering the Internet and restricting access to Social Networking and MSN etc is just plain smart.

Children under 13 really don’t need unrestricted access to the Internet – there is just no value.   The risk of the child being exposed to “adult” material and other inappropriate sites is just too real a risk.

Let’s not debate the ramifications of children seeing this sort of stuff, that is not what this post is about. Most parents would agree that they don’t want their children seeing porn, Simple.

Our product makes the problem of constant Internet supervision not such a problem. This is no replacement for being with younger children when they use the net, but chances are if you have more than one child and you and your partner both work, there are times you will have to let them use it alone, we understand that. We want to help.


The rise of Facebook, MySpace, MSN and YouTube have given kids a lot of things to do online that are not necessarily productive. Again, let’s not debate if social networking etc provides teens with positive skills and experiences, that is not what this post is about…

Though seriously, 10+ hours a day online chatting to your friends, sharing photos and creating a (more than likely) negative online identity that will follow you for life is not going to be a good thing.


We know Chris Webster personally and you or your children may have already seen one of his presentations.

So, what did we actually find? What are the facts

  • Teenagers spent most of their time chatting, wasting time and socializing
  • “Homework” time was more than likely spent on social media sites
  • Porn was viewed (Mostly by Guys – Pretty Obvious) but it was not significant as a problem when compared to social media
  • Students that had their Facebook and social media time restricted saw an increase in their grades
  • Most teenagers could handle the restriction on social media as long as they had some access each day.

The outcome for kids?

With RESIN in full production now, more and more students, at least in Australia, are going to see one of these types of devices in their homes.

It would seem that given some access each day, they will learn to live with it and as a result, they should see grades go up and hopefully, cyber bullying go down.

What about in the business environment?

Pretty much any and all business owners and managers are aware that staff productivity can be challenging. Not everyone loves his or her job – Not every job can be loved!

Junior and younger staff can be quite drawn to social media at work.   Regardless of what the Internet or they may say – It Is Not Helping Your Business.

Not every business will benefit from a social media marketing strategy/campaign and pretty much none are going to benefit from staff wasting time online.

Side Note – Social Media Marketing for Businesses: This is a hot topic that will be discussed soon – In Short: If you can hold off your grand social campaign until you are sure it is actually right for your type of business, you might save a lot of money, time and effort.

Back to the actual topic - If your staff are spending even an hour (We bet it is more!) of the businesses time online for their own personal matters, then this is an hour of lost productivity.

Senior vs Junior Staff

Senior members of staff may have different work motivators, responsibilities and put in extra time – so they are not really the focus here.

Some staff might be productive with unrestricted Internet access.

The obvious is true:

Those junior and general staff/team members who may not be as motivated or committed to the job are likely the ones who are wasting the most time. The fact is they are most likely doing so on Facebook and Youtube.

If you read the section on teenagers in the home environment then you would have seen the section regarding how they coped with restricted access.

This is not as important when it is a workplace, but still interesting.   In businesses, the effort put into circumventing the filter was often higher than that in homes.

We assume this is due to the age and likely increased web training and web savvy of the staff. But what this does show is that staff will try to circumvent it (unsuccessfully) and this also means they know what they are doing is wrong.

The only way we have found to combat this attitude is to restrict access to the Internet, have them sign an internet usage policy and remind them that all network activity is logged and reported for operational and security reasons.

What other options are there?

Honestly, not a lot. You could have them sign an Internet usage policy and then just hope and pray they are not tempted to abuse the privilege.

You could try the above and also tell them that you are monitoring the Internet (even though you aren’t) – that might work.

Are we proud of ourselves?

Again, we did not actually set out to develop a product that ended up with its “killer feature” being Internet filtering and reporting. That happened as a natural progression from Network security product to total network management appliance.

We are proud of the quality, feature set and amazing price of what is actually an amazing solution.


It is fully managed for you and its feature list comes at an amazing price.

You won’t look back once you install one at your home or business.